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Marketing is one of the interesting fields which test the theories in practical situations and help to remodel the same. Since, it is a busy big world out there, not many senior marketing personnel are able to share their vast experiences due to their busy schedules and much less with students. However, Mr. Siva Ramamoorthy, the Head of Marketing for VM Ware South Asia found time not only to interact and share his experiences with the students of MSE but also help them connect with the theories from practical aspects. With worldwide experience of having worked in USA as well as India, Mr. Ramamoorthy could incorporate instances that focused on widened aspects of marketing and the strategies used in the field of social entrepreneurship. This helped the students get an idea about the way the global marketing works and how the strategies are being used by the social entrepreneurs over the world. 

With understandings gained as Director at GENBAND and Group Director and Head of Marketing and Pre-Sales at Tejas Network, Mr. Ramamoorthy was able to give a direction to the students on the areas of revolutionary new products, its marketing, and ways on identifying new markets. The session went on to help students understand how they can use the strategies to identify new markets for their products. They are learnt that equal emphasize should be given to the quality and the uniqueness of the product matters largely from the point of view of attracting customers.

The session further progressed with the discussion on market innovations and relevant skill building. This led to the talks about importance of creating brands and the importance of having specific names for any product which adds on to the brand effect.  As the students related the significance of brand and its creation to the concepts of advertisement, the talk went on about choosing feature based advertisements to promote the brand because the advertisements have the potential to not only create perceptions but change them as well. As customers assess the products, preferences should be given to the store placement, promotional channels and methods which increases visibility and accessibility.

The newly started enterprises were then taken up in the conversation and the manner in which they need to collaborate, give importance to the 3Cs (customer, company and competition) and use the4Ps (product, price, promotion, place) to improve the market. Thereafter, the students discussed about the different ways to measure the market value of the product and then bridging the gap as and when required. The steps and tips provided by Mr. Ramamoorthy was extremely practical oriented approach with which the students could identify.  The talk was an in-depth discussion on specific matters which was a great learning event for the students who understand that it is their unique skills which can help them set their business apart from the rest and create extraordinary networks that can support them in marketing their products.


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