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Creating an entrepreneurial mindset through experiential learning; offered by DCSE

   Entrepreneurial motivation was a concept quite unknown to the students of MSE course. They had heard of motivation but had never attended any training thereon. While running through busy schedules of lectures and activities, the students of MSE course gained an opportunity to meet one of the top three trainers in entrepreneurial field in India. A one day training by Rita Sengupta who works as Director (Behavioral Science) at NIESBUD (National institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development) was a step forward to open up their minds. The training began with establishing the objective of the session. During the session, they decided to explore the various motivational types that drive entrepreneurs.

The session began with a treasure hunt and when the students got to know that the treasure was an elephant that they had to find and present, they stood perplexed. Having no option to find a real elephant within the classroom, they began brainstorming. The activity not only tested their intellectual abilities but also brought forward their creativity. While some created models and used the resources they could get their hands on, others used gestures. They held their common sense together to complete the task within the time frame. They were excited to have used their creativity and to find out whose presentation was better. This exemplified a sense of healthy competition amongst them and all the teams emerged as winners.
The session moved from creative and innovative level to and atmosphere of business. Once they had presented their elephants on the stage, they were asked to set bids and profit targets during selling their collections. Soon, the students found out that the quality of their products mattered.  They realized that the customers would not take product that was not of good quality and whose value was not more than the price quoted. This was one of the lessons that would eventually help them in their entrepreneurial ventures.
The session then proceeded to delve into their personality aspects and the students were asked to write about themselves during ‘Who am I’ with context to given parameters. The best part of this activity was the students analyzed and scored their write ups. They explored the areas of conscious writing along with ways to staying focused as an entrepreneur. Thereafter as they identified their individual motivational types which boost the entrepreneurial qualities within a person through an activity, they were dazed. They were amazed to discover the type of motivation they fall into and the qualities they could work on to develop themselves. 
The session ended with a psychological questionnaire on 14 competencies required for an entrepreneur. It helped them comprehend their own strengths and weaknesses. They now knew the qualities and skills that they needed to work on. The session was extremely helpful for the students as it was more of an eye –opener for the students. They self -evaluated themselves in logical, specific manner. While the self-assessment was the most difficult part for them, they stood their ground on discovering their strengths and weaknesses with a determination to improve further. It helped them strengthen their dreams further which only substantiates Mrs. Sengupta’s message to entrepreneurs, “entrepreneurship begins with a dream, one needs support and persistence to ensure its fulfilled…. entrepreneurship is a value that one loves to cherish”.


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