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Creating an entrepreneurial mindset through experiential learning; offered by DCSE

   Social Media... isn’t that the buzz these days???…. Everybody wants to have a slice of that…Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, Flickr and the list goes on....With each passing day, we have new options added. All of us want to have a presence in the same…. Like everybody else, we want to be trendy... following the cool crowd!!! To speak about us, we are Deshpande Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (DCSE) and we offer Master of Social Entrepreneurship program. More details about the course shall come soon…. As an institution, we are happy to have social media presence… A Facebook page, a LinkedIn account, YouTube channel, updating via tweets, tag photos in Flickr... We make use of the online space very well...but why? 

 Everybody blogs… Why do we blog? Is it because we have something to tell to the world? Or is it because we have lots of update that needs to be shared? Or is it because we want to increase our online presence? All the reasons are true and yet, it is more than that! This blog is a window with which outsiders can have a glimpse of what’s happening at DCSE. It is a platform for our students to connect with their peers, talk about our events, their learning and the fun they have amidst their busy schedule… It is because we feel that there is a need to engage with people out there…to have a dialogue…. Yes, that’s the reason of this blog… a new dimension to our online avatar!!!! 

What can you expect?!!!!

As mentioned already, you can expect updates about our course, events, and videos on guest speaker sessions, students’ initiatives, Life @ campus and many more. You can expect our students to share their journey, their aspirations, their creativity, newsletters etc. You can also share your queries, aspirations in our blog. 

This is the beginning…. Lot’s more to come!!! Until then hasta la vista….


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