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Mr. C V Prakash, the retired Lieutenant Commander from Indian Navy Services turned himself into a farmer to break the traditional bindings of the Indian farming methods. His work, energy and company ‘Hydroponic Greenhouse Technologies Pvt. Ltd’ exemplifies the proud hail of India: ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’. Though he says, ‘Life is truly hard for those who dare to dream’, it has never stopped him from moving ahead with his dreams. During an interesting interactive session with him, the students of MSE course gained astonishing insights into the use of technology in agriculture. The discussion unfolded to bring ‘hydroponics’ into limelight. It is a technology which enables farming without soil.  It led to a talk that made the students aware of the modern ways of creating business ventures in agribusiness sector.

                                           (Image Courtesy: http://petbharoproject.co.in/)

With 1500 AUD (Australian Dollars) in hand, a big dream in eyes, and numerous people as critiques, Mr. Prakash had started the ‘Pet Bharo’ project. Though the beginning was uncertain, there has been no looking back since the project started supplying Wal-Mart with the best ‘spinach’ that India had ever seen. For the students, it was an encouraging lesson that despite all criticism, they can make a mark even in the international platform if they put their hard work and intellect behind their sincere efforts and passion. They also learnt that adapting to the changes in terms of access and predominant use of technology in the field of agriculture can make things brighter for the agribusiness. The secret lay in the way operational activities needs to be conducted that will bring in both efficiency as well as effectiveness and that too not only for the business but also in the concerned field.

 The further discussion during the session revealed the needs of retail chains and future potential in the field of agribusiness.  As Mr. Prakash explained about the ways in which the modern technology consulting firm in agriculture can help in increasing the productivity of the farms, it occurred to the students that stepping into this field would be a profitable and sustainable business venture.Further, the requirement of reliable producers who provide vegetables of international quality has been growing in the market and catering to it would be a great scope for the budding agri-ventures. The students discovered that with the help of hydroponics, it is possible to produce best and export quality vegetables in the green houses. As the interaction proceeded, the discussion led to the work done by the company founded by Mr. Prakash which provides technical assistance to farmers and connects them with the retailers.

They discussed the different methods of soil less farming where either water or coconut husk is used for cultivating the vegetable crops and the nutritional value of such farm products. Since some students were interested on the cost aspect, Mr. Prakash explained that though the initial investment is high in hydroponics, the break-even is met in shorter time as compared to the conventional farming. His words were assurance to the students when he added that the continuous increasing demand of quality vegetables in the international market and the relevant economic conditions are positive indicators for the future. The session left the students motivated to not only to become entrepreneurs and have social impact in consideration but also to stick to their passion and walk the journey that would eventually lead to success.

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