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Hi All, My name is Atharva Setu and I am a student at Deshpande Center for Social Entreprenurship in the last lap of Master of Social Entrepreneurship course. Throughout my college days, I was involved with various NGOs and worked extensively in areas like Child, Healthcare, Family Counseling, Mental Retardation, Organ Donation and AIDS. During my second semester of MSE, I also had an opportunity to work with AIESEC as the Local Committee Coordinator. I am a wanderlust and love to travel, explore automobiles and photography.

I am an active member of ChuppiTodo, a campaign against Child Sexual Abuse. Started in the year 2010 as a project in Tata Institute for Social Sciences, Tuljapur the campaign has covered 6 cities and reached to more than 3lakh children.

Being a social work student, I always wanted to be part of a movement that cares and protects for children. As such, I joined ChuppiTodo as a convener taking care of the screening of documentary in the various parts Delhi- NCR. It wasn’t easy at all in the beginning. I had to two to four locations in a day. The locations were close by sometimes and sometimes from one stretch of the city to the other. Dealing with as sensitive issue as child sexual abuse, there were some precautions and strict principles to be followed. But the most interesting part of the whole process was the kids: the interaction, rapport building and understanding the unsaid and unheard stories.

Parents and teachers were also involved in the screening. It was shocking to know that some of the teachers and parents also were a victim of child sexual abuse in their childhood. In the session only with the children, many children came forward and described how they were touched in an unsafe manner.

Its been 4 years now, that I have been a part of ChuppiTodo and I am proud that I have educated children about child sexual abuse. The learning are numerous but the most important emotion are of satisfaction, safety and security of the children which is seen in the eyes of the parents after the session.

All in all, I can say that being a part of the campaign has had a positive impact on my personality and develop my leadership skills, which I feel is very important for every entrepreneur as he builds businesses, taking up calculated risks - be it social enterprise or the regular enterprise.  My course helped me a lot to build networking skills, leadership and more than anything it gave me a platform to showcase these skills!

 This is all for now, I will come back with another topic very soon! Catch You all soon!


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