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Becoming successful, following one’s dream and becoming an entrepreneur, each one of them is a difficult task on its own. It becomes more challenging when all these three are combined together. However, Mr. Srikanth Bolla seems to have achieved all three of these. When the students of Master of Social Entrepreneurship course met him, the aspects that struck them were his personality and the confidence. He epitomizes willpower and courage as he refuses to acknowledge being visually challenged as a constraint. He continues to grow and inspire all around him everyday.

 (Mr. Srikanth Bolla's visit to Deshpande Center for Social Entrepreneurship )

The students stood mesmerized as they met this determined and focused young man who had started his life in a small village, went on to study at MIT in USA and started his company at the age of 21.The students learnt about his amazing journey of overcoming severe and serious challenges particularly in a society where differently-abled people not only lack exposure and opportunities but also respect. The student stayed riveted as he shared his experiences of transforming from an introvert rural boy to the person he currently was.  It was beyond any of the students’ imagination that a rural boy could learn everything, pick up English, take up Science as his subjects, excel in public examination and go on to pursue his Bachelors program in USA even being differently-abled.

Having received numerous accolades and awards from both India and abroad, Srikanth is an extremely humble person who spends his leisure time to encourage and support differently abled people and to promote entrepreneurship.He gives credit to his mentor Ms. Swarnalatha who has been like a backbone to him and has stood by him at all times. His dreams took a new shape when he started his own company ‘AasadeepProjects Private Limited’ with the help of his mentor.  At present his company which began with just five employees employs a team of fifty employees. The company deals with eco-friendly disposable paper products and demonstrates Srikanth’s vision about the environment. Other than getting motivated through the enthralling interaction with Srikanth, students learnt the value of determination and positivity. It gave them strength to follow their own dreams, irrespective of the troubles they encounter.

The good news is our IV sem student (soon to be alumni) Mr. Sadashiv Kambagi has been offered the position of Production Manager with Aasadeep Projects' manufacturing unit in Hubli. How cool is that? 

Watch his MY STORY session with MSE students here.

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