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Social media has brought in enormous potential not merely for reaching out to people but also to build a brand. Thus it becomes very much essential for one to create measurable goals while using tools of social media. However the attractive figures provided by most of the analytical tools of vanity metrics available does not validate one’s branding efforts or the ROI on social media strategy. We (4th SEM Master of Social Entrepreneurship students) had a great discussion on ‘Leveraging Social Media to build Brand” with Mr. Emil Kuruvilla. Mr. Kuruvilla or Emil as we fondly call him works as the Senior Marketing Manager at EforAll, Deshpande Foundation’s Massachusetts counterpart.

Learning Objectives:

1.    How do we assess the metrics generated?
2.    Does increase in page visits mean the campaign is a success?
3.    What is a brand?
4.    How can we use social media to build the brand?

(MSE Students with Emil Kuruvilla after the session)

 The discussion was initiated with the important concept of ‘Vanity Metrics’. Can one blindly trust the SEO and social media efforts are being efficient? Does number of page visits and page likes mean that we have a better brand than our competitors? The metrics can be measurable indicators for any social media user to assess the reach out to the people. Any company bears the goal of creating brand image amongst the populace. Social media is a tool just like any other to achieve the desired output. To simplify more, any tool of social media such as blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other similar medium can be always used to lead the user to the core website of organization or company.   

Thus the key of social media is one should be able to drive people to the link. Creating such an effective matter which can attract people to opt for clicking the link is a man skill. With the advance aids available it has become quite possible for everyone to make the online content more effective. The same applies for the websites. Websites, with the liberty of size of the content, succeed in capturing the customer value. The content of social media thus acts as an advertising channel which drives the customer to the core website. Flexibility and quick response are the advantages of social media which can be used for creating concise and relevant matter on social media.

Brand can be identified as nothing else but an impact. Thus building a brand is quite similar to creating an impact on the minds of population. In the case of building brand through social media it become simple yet very challenging for anyone to build brand through the channel of social media. However there can be some steps which can help in building the brand through social media. Very most important is how you present your brand in visual format. Unique color and formatting style should be maintained throughout the social media tactics. Also one should look after that ‘Brand Tone’ is being maintained. The last but not the least keep is that the social media whichever one is using should be easily accessible to the audience. These are some of the things one can mind while using social media for branding purpose.

The session with Emil was a valuable learning about social media. Though all of us are a part of social media nowadays we really need to understand social media as a tool and not merely fall for the vanity metrics.

Contributed by:

 Mr. Kedar Kulkarni, MSE IV sem

About the course: 

Master of Social Entrepreneurship is a two-year master's program that nurtures your entrepreneurial talent. To know more about the course, click here.

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