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Thinking what the title of the blog post is all about? Recently one of my friends asked me how is the program that I am a part of is different / unique? He said, "Dude, you say it is out-of-the-box program... well, tell me how"?   I did not get offended, but, told him, can I get back to you? I am here for over a year now and been handling a wide array of activities. It is my program and yes, I am biased towards it. I know that we are not perfect, but we do things with all heart and soul. Are these things enough for an academic program? Dear friend, thank you for asking me that question...this piece is because of that.

In one sentence, my program is unique because of its Execution (delivery)!!!

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A little background about the program: 

The two year master's program, Master of Social Entrepreneurship,  is just 3 years old. Launched in 2012, we have around 31 students. Some of them are intrapreneurs, some of them are entrepreneurs and we have a batch that is all set to graduate this August.

 Well, how UNIQUE is the program:  

 I offer you a few examples, you draw your conclusions, what do you say?

As a wannabe entrepreneur, you learn business plan writing. When flirting with ideas and developing a model, tell us where would you look at? Books? YouTube videos? discussion forums? My students undergo workshops on product-design concepts like - Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking. In these camps, students go out, meet targeted customer and then refine the ideas. That's when the actual business plan writing starts! Cool, isn't it?

Being a socent is not at all an easy job. There are people (read socents) that work in villages or even livelihood specialists that work with rural community. Can one sit in classrooms or meeting rooms and decide what is important for them? How do we take products/ services to grassroots? What tools are at our disposal? As simple as conducting a sample survey or assessing impact of an intervention or suggesting an intervention needs tact in meeting villagers, take them into confidence and then collect the information, right? Now how do we teach that skill? For that, the students spend a week's time in village understanding them, living with them (yes, they do!) and empathizing with their needs, situation and problems. Now, don't you think it is a better way of understanding your target customers?

To set a business up, you need to have Finance. How do you raise funds? We can teach this by using really nice presentation (which Ms. Roma Bose does it from the USA, thanks to her expertise and good will with Deshpande Foundation!). Ms. Bose also emphasized that Fundraising cannot be learned just like that. Students work towards organizing a fundraising event, gather support and then raise the fund for an identified purpose.

Isn't the approach unique & hands-on? The institute believes in learner-centric approach and we constantly innovate teaching methods to suit the learner's needs. The result of this approach is that, each student (you) grows in the process! It is not just a concept that we (as in the institute, my teammates and I) aspire to imbibe, but also personality of a student that gets shaped in the due process. Being a teacher from a long time (BTW, I am not old, just experienced), I see how this approach is effective. I have a student who is setting up e-waste management company [E-Vision] based on her Effective Communication presentation! I am so proud of her [now it has 4 co-founders!]. [Guys, I am proud of each one of you.. :)]

These are just a few examples of how the program unfolds itself. There is a lot more! You should come down, visit us to know more about it! :)


Albert Einstein defines Insanity as 'doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results' . If you want to do something new or try an unconventional path or take the road less traveled . you cannot do this by trying age old methods... can you?  Well, that's what we do here. Being different, breaking molds, creating history and a wave of change! Interested??? Meet us, refer us! We love idea mani's, enthu cutlets and well, every one!

Tell me what you think about the program and of course,  this piece of article! Tweet us @DETMSE, follow the institute on Facebook and follow the blog!

The author works as an Asst Professor and this is a narrative of his personal account. Apart from taht, he also works as the Lead: Impact Assessment & Content Management.  Know more about the institute here.


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