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So, are you sure you want to speed up the venture activities... Great!

Do you know a key to entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship is simple like an energy – it can be passed from one to another through conduction, conviction or radiation. But to be so, you need to be in the aura of entrepreneurs. Now where can you get them? Entrepreneurs are definitely not the ones that roam around in parks every evening, unless any one passionate arranges such an event in one of such parks! But there is one place which is no less than a entrepreneurial park.

As we all are well aware, most obvious course of any entrepreneurship is starting up a business. It is a preconceived notion that every entrepreneur must struggle hard in market to sustain the venture in premature stage. People won’t really listen to your crazy ideas and may be you need to spend a lot amount of your lifetime to build up the venture. But here is the deal – Lean startup!

As explained by Eric Ries “Lean Startup method teaches you how to drive a startup, how to steer, when to turn, and when to preserver and grow a business with maximum acceleration.” In brief, it is a scientific approach to create and manage startups and get desired product to customers’ hands faster.Nowadays this trend is well recognized as lean startup movement which is being used by lot of entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of business.

Sounds interesting! Isn’t it?

IDEO.org’ is one of the successful start-ups that  integrated the methodology of lean startup and has pioneered in the market.  So, what does Lean Startup actually mean?  To give a little more highlight on this, five main principles of Lean Startups are as below

  1. Entrepreneurs are everywhere: To be an entrepreneur, you need not be a techie guy who spends all the day in creating tools and gadgets. From a farmer into a field up to a service guy providing healthcare services, anyone can be an entrepreneur.
  2. Entrepreneurship is management: A startup is lot more than just an idea. There is a lot of Jugaad for every idea to make it a viable revenue generating stream. Hence it is different type of management than conventional which gives crisp to entrepreneurship.
  3. Validating Learning: Soon after you are into startup, your process of validating the learning starts. You get to test each learning with the process of learning itself thus confirming that your learning is experimented and well filtered.
  4. Innovation accounting: Again entrepreneurship is all about putting a measuring tape to each and every step that you take. In formal words it can be called as monitoring the venture activities be it monetary or non-monetary.
  5. Build, measure, and learn: End of the day, entrepreneurship is all about converting an idea into a tangible product which can be offered to customer. Since customer is the best evaluator, entrepreneurship gives the clear idea of learning towards perfection.
Isn't that an amazing way of becoming an entrepreneur? I am proud to invite you all for the workshop on "Lean Startup Principles" by Mr. Tathagat Varma, Founder & CEO, Thought Leadership.  He is also a TEDx - Google speaker, check out his video here.

The workshop is in association with TiE Hubli chapter and Sandbox Startups, two organizations supporting entrepreneurship in tier-II & III cities.

FYI, limited seats! Apply now! Contact entreprenation.dcse@gmail.com to know more about the event!

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